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     These sub-sites are great for visitors, newcomers, and even those who want to bet you a dollar that such and such is actually somewhere else.  All of the photographs, or most of them, were taken with my marvelous Sony.  As I tell my professional photographer friends, with a digital camera and some handy software, and you take enough pictures, some are bound to be great.
     That is not necessarily the case here, since many of the photos were taken when I do my hikes and not trying to capture the best shot ever.
     As I understand, there are some 42 to 49 Landmark Plaques throughout the City.  I have managed to find 28 so far and will eventually get to the rest.
     Walking Tour is a take off from the Preservation Society's "Six Scenic Walking Tours"  booklet.  However, I altered the map and the routing is somewhat different , but manages a "Commercial Walking Route" by capturing 53 pictures on S. Main, 14 pics on N. Main, 36 pics on Spring Street, and 35 photos of Center Street business places.
     Historic Loop begins near the Inn of the Ozark at Kings Hwy capturing 31 houses, Ojo Street with 13 photos, Summit St. with 18 photos, Vaughn with 1 photo, Washington St. with 12 houses, Mountain St. with 7 houses, White St. with 28 views, and Prospect with 53 photos ending on upper Crescent Drive.
     Window Shopping is always subject to seasonal changes, but nevertheless gives a great awareness to dressing up the retail doors and windows as many owners take great care in doing.
     Window Displays is a WMV file that most Mac computers can't manage and some IBM systems may find slow in loading.  But it is a nice edition if you can handle it.  To Access, you have to click on the Kitty Photo in Window Shopping Home page border.
     And we must not forget the fabulous Steps, Stairs, and Alley Ways about Eureka.
     Trips & Treks are sojourns into the magic settings surrounding Eureka.  These too, are mostly WMV files with music added.  Some of the places visited are:  Hogscald Hollow, Pension Mountain, Elks Ranch, Monte Ne, and more not yet listed.

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