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      General History  4 pages
    Digitized History A Living Capsule
    History Sketch Eureka Springs History
    The Basin -- 1881 -- Certified Statement
    Early History 1879-1881
    1882 Growth of a Town
      Essays Historical Articles and Info 4 pages
    Mountain Meadows Massacre of Arkansans
    Convict Labor Hwy 62 construction
    Doughboy Basin Park monument
    E-mail FeedBack Data Submissions
      Vignettes  Historical Articles and Info 7 pages
    Eureka! I Found it!
    Post Office Past postmasters and postal locations and plenty photos
    Conflagrations The Big Devastating Fires
    Bank Robbery Annual Re-enactment -- Photos
    NW Ark RR -- Cailes' RR history
    Newspapers Selected Articles
      Preservation Heritage Assets
    Historic Preservation Historic District & Museum
    Preservation Grants List of Grants and Projects
    Bibliographies Catalog of Books
    Library Resources Catalog of Items
    Preservation Society
    Books & Obits

      Tours & Walks Hundreds of Photos and WMV files
    Landmark Plaques      28 of 42 landmark monuments
    Walking Tour
         S Main St 53 places
         N Main St 14 places
         Spring St 36 places
         Center St 35 places
    Historic Loop Begins at Inn of Ozark ends at Crescent Drive
         Kings Hwy 31 houses
         Ojo St 13 houses
         Summit St 18 houses
         Vaughn St 1 house
         Washington St 12 houses
         Mountain St 7 houses
         White St 28 houses
         Prospect 53 houses
  Window Shopping
  Window Displays
  Steps, Stairs, and Alley ways -- 48 photos
  Trips & Treks to points of interest
         Hogscald Hollow
         Pension Mountain
         Monte Ne
         Elks Ranch

      Street by Street Project Research and Documents
    Cottage Registry Partial Cottage listing with descriptives
    Singleton, Mill Hollow, Ridgeway, Prospect
    Sanborn Maps Fire insurance maps showing streets and structure footprints

  Books -- as transcribed by Dan Ellis or contributed
   Carrie A Nation by Dan Ellis
      Carry A Nation by Bonnie Lela Crump
           Eureka Springs Bank Robbery by Ed Tole
           Eureka Springs Railway by Ed Tole
           Healing Fountain by LJ Kalklosch
           1887 Eureka Springs
           1895 Eureka Springs
           1921 Drink to your Cures
            More Information

     Basin Spring Park -- Research & Design by Dan Ellis

   Hotels & Spas -- History of earliest hotels
     Bath House Gulch -- The early bathhouse district

     Sanborn Maps -- in Color
     1886, 1892, 1897, 1904, 1909, 1914, 1923

     Lovely County -- From Various Internet Sources

     Carroll County -- How it was formed

   Lake Lucerne -- How it developed

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