Historic Registry
A Partial Listing of Houses as reprinted from
"Eureka Springs Architectural Walking Map" and Guide

95 S. Main,           Second Empire, Asymmetrical
82 Armstrong,      National Folk, Pyramidal
42 Armstrong,      Queen Anne Spindlework, Cross-Gabled
56 Wall,                 Tudor,  Stone Wall Cladding
01 Wheeler,          Tudor,  Stucco Wall Cladding
04 Armstrong,      Italianate,  Simple Hipped Roof
07 Armstrong,      Queen Anne Spindlework, Cross-Gabled
15 Douglas,           National Folk,  I-House
62 Douglas,           National Folk,  I-House
51 Steel,                Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
35 Steel,                Folk Victorian,  Front-Gabled
32 Steel,               National Folk,  Hall & Parlor
09 Steel,               Folk Victorian,  Pyramidal
16 Hale,                National Folk,  Pyramidal; duplex
23 Council,           National Folk,  Hall & Parlor
49 Copper,           Folk Victorian,  Side-Gabled
14 Breeding,       Second Empire,  Centered-Gable
41 Alexander,      Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial
24 Flint,                 National Folk, Gable-Front & Wing,
17 First,                National Folk,  Pyramidal
26 Jackson,         Gothic Revival,  Centered-Gable
104 N. Main,        National Folk,  I-House
19 Bridge,            Folk Victorian,  I-House;,Gothic Revival,  details
165 Spring,           National Folk,  Pyramidal
172 Spring,           Queen Anne Free Classic,  Front-Gabled
03 Tulip,                Italianate,  Old & New Additions
04 Crystal Ter,      Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
194 Spring,           Italian Renaissance,  Hipped Roof,Projecting Wing(s)
209 Spring,           Gothic Revival,  Parapeted
211 Spring,           Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
212 Spring,           Gothic Revival,  Centered-Gable
229 Spring,           Folk Victorian,  Side-Gabled  
23 King,                 National Folk,  Hall & Parlor
247 Spring,           Folk Victorian,  Side-Gabled
246 Spring,           Queen Anne Free Classic, Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
249 Spring,           Gothic Revival,  Centered-Gable
02 Cottage,           Craftsman Cross-Gabled
30 Crescent,        Italian Renaissance,  Church
253 Spring,           Queen Anne Spindlework,  Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
254 Spring,           Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
263 Spring,           Queen Anne Spindlework, Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
265 Spring,           National Folk, Gable-Front & Wing,
282 Spring,           Gothic Revival,  Centered-Gable
300 Spring,           Queen Anne Free Classic,  Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
75 Prospect,        Richardsonian Romanesque,  Mansard
12 Lookout,          Colonial Revival Hipped Roof, Full-Width Porch,  
44 Prospect,        Gothic Revival,  Centered-Gable
38 Prospect,        Colonial Revival, Hipped Roof, Full-Width Porch,  
28 Fairmount,      Second Empire,  Centered-Gable
24 Fairmount,      Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
20 Fairmount,      Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
04 Fairmount,      Colonial Revival Hipped Roof, Full-Width Porch,  
28 Prospect,       Gothic Revival,  Front-Gabled 1960s
25 Prospect,       National Folk,  I-House
24 Prospect,       Queen Anne Free Classic,  Front-Gabled
07 Singleton,       Queen Anne Spindlework, Hipped, Lower Cross Gables,  
10 Singleton,       National Folk,  Hall & Parlor
27 Ridgeway,      Italianate,  Front-Gabled; brick
29 Ridgeway,      Queen Anne Free Classic,  Front-Gabled
05 Ridgeway,      Folk Victorian, Gable-Front & Wing,  new additions
40 Pine,               National Folk,  Gable-Front & Wing,  
12 Pine,               National Folk, ,Gable-Front & Wing,  
26 White,            Queen Anne Spindlework, Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
24 White,            Folk Victorian, Gable-Front & Wing,
23 Elk,                 Queen Anne Spindlework, Front-Gabled
17 Elk,                 Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
11 White,            National Folk, Gable-Front & Wing,  
10 White,            Queen Anne Spindlework, Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
21 Owen,            Gothic Revival,  Asymmetrical
60 Mountain,       Gothic Revival,  Centered-Gable
61 Mountain,       Queen Anne Spindlework, Front-Gabled
36 Eureka,           Second Empire,  Centered Wing
26 Eureka,           Colonial Revival Dutch Colonial
03 Eureka,           Folk Victorian,  Pyramidal
46 Vaughn,          Craftsman,  Side-Gabled
  4 Summit,          National Folk,  Gable-Front & Wing,  
  5 Ojo,                 Queen Anne Spindlework, Hipped Roof, Lower Cross Gables,  
01 Kings Hwy,      Folk Victorian, Gable-Front & Wing,  
07 Kings Hwy,      Folk Victorian,  Pyramidal
14 Kings Hwy,      Queen Anne Spindlework, Lower Cross Gables,  
27 Paxos,             Queen Anne Free Classic,  Hipped Roof,
35 Kings Hwy,      Queen Anne Free Classic, Hipped Roof,
39 Benton,           National Folk, Gable-Front & Wing,  
21 Benton,           Craftsman, Side-Gabled
44 S Main,           Italian Renaissance, Projecting Wing(s)

This List is far from complete - - -

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